100% Solids Epoxy Pre-Primer


100% Solids Epoxy Pre-Primer is formulated for use on both steel and masonry. For rusted steel where extensive surface preparation is needed, but not logistically possible, the penetrating properties and extended dry time - 16 hours at 25 °C (77 °F) – of this two-component epoxy seal crevices and other imperfections, promoting better adhesion for subsequent coats. For prepared masonry surfaces, V155 penetrates and seals, providing an excellent foundation for subsequent coats of Corotech epoxy floor coatings. The unique, 100% solids formula of V155 forms a sealed epoxy barrier that inhibits future corrosion.

  • Low viscosity easily fills voids and crevices
  • Does not shrink - eliminates craters
  • Chemical and fume resistant
  • Extended cure time allows maximum penetration
  • Seals previously coated concrete, masonry, and galvanized metal
  • Qualifies for LEED certification

Available Sheens: Medium Gloss

Available Colours: Clear

Colorant Used: N/A

Colour System Supported: N/A

Cleanup: Epoxy Thinner

Resin Type: 2-Component Epoxy

Recommended Use: Interior or exterior

MPI Rating: N/A

VOC Level: 6 g/L