Epoxy Patch Kit


Epoxy Patch Kit is a 100% solids epoxy co-polymer matrix for repairing and patching interior concrete floors. It sets rapidly with extremely high initial strength and is ready for foot traffic in 5-8 hours. This easy-to-use 3-part system includes liquid part A, liquid catalyst and aggregate.

  • 3-part system allows on-site mixing to the exact consistency needed
  • High Solids with no shrinkage
  • For any high-traffic floor
  • Non Flammable with no odour
  • Trowels easily

Available Sheens: N/A

Available Colours: Clear (Appears grey when mixed with aggregate)

Colorant Used: N/A

Colour System Supported: N/A

Cleanup: Xylene or Epoxy Thinner

Resin Type: 2-Component Modified Amine Epoxy

Recommended Use: Interior or exterior

MPI Rating: N/A

VOC Level:3 0 g/L